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Serving the Las Vegas area & surrounding vicinity, online ordering.

Available Nationwide!

Increase the Value of

Your Vehicle Through

My Auto Detailing Services

For All Your Auto Detailing Needs

Get the highest quality of detailing work for your vehicle when you turn to N.E.D AUTO DETAILING in Las Vegas, Nevada. I provide full auto detailing services, including the following:

Our Services include:

  • Car Washing
  • Car Waxing
  • Full Detailing
  • Paint Correction*
  • Ceramic Coating Application
  • Car Sealant Application
  • Headlight and Glass Restoration
  • Plastic Restoration
  • Glass Protection
  • Air Purification

*Please note that I do correction by hand. 

Drying Your Car the Right Way

After thoroughly washing your car, I will dry it using the air drying method. Rest assured that there will be no smears or water spots on any surface of your vehicle.

Service Rates

Please call us to inquire about the full and update service rates.

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